Our D45 System is designed to connect you as a User to the System Network Devices and perform crucial functions such as unlock, monitor, alarm, call, doorbell, conversation and network. The security of your Smart Home is in your Control!

The High Performance Door Entry System

This D45 is a security monitoring system using serial devices connected using Digital Bus S technologies. It consists of five main components: Entrance Panels, Indoor Audio and Video Handsets, Porter Handsets, Porter Switchboard, Accessories and Power Supply.

With the smart power supply for the whole system, devices detect the power load status automatically so that they can switch to power saving-mode if necessary. Approximately 70% less copper is used, thus reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact.

Security Systems
  • Overview
  • Entrance Panel Overview
  • Internal Unit Overview
  • 4 Layer Security

The D45 System simplifies installation in residential complexes with large numbers of apartments. The use of UTP cables and RJ45 connections for all the devices provides quick, easy installation for both backbone and riser devices. The system is suitable for the varied requirements of systems of different sizes on risers or TCP/IP networks, ensuring maximum cost savings.

  • Anti-tamper function on all indoor handsets
  • Possibility of connecting an additional Camera to the switchboard
  • Intercom between all the apartments of the riser
  • SOS Pushbutton on all indoor handsets

Three different Entrance Panels to meet different needs:

digital call entrance panel
1. Digital Call Entrance Panel; Digital call keypad for large buildings
  • Numeric or alpha-numerical code
  • Access control function
  • Open the door with a code number
  • One configure code per family
  • Direct call to switchboard
  • Zama finish guarantees high resistance
  • IP54 protection index
  • Flush mounted (box sold with entrance panel)
  • Possibility of use in conjunction with name plate module
  • Software configuration
  • Call list addresses
pushbutton call entrance panel
2. Pushbutton Call Entrance Panel; Call pushbutton calls for large buildings
  • Same design as the digital call version
  • 10 and 20 pushbutton models
  • 16 and 32 pushbutton extension panel models
  • Easy name label replacement
  • IP54 protection index
  • Flush mounted installation
single call entrance panel
3. Single Call Entrance Panel; Single pushbutton call suitable for:
  • ONE-FAMILY system
  • Private entrance panel in multi-family system
  • Aluminium alloy panel
  • IP54 protection degree
  • Wall mounted installation

Different models of internal units to cover all the market segments, from audio to colour video solutions, from basic to innovative functions:

Burglar Alarm
1. Video Offer; Colour Video Internal Units
  • Wall mounted installation
  • SOS publication
  • Direct call to the switchboard
  • Door lock pushbutton
  • Direct integration with alarm sensors
audio handset
Audio Offer; Audio Handset
  • Wall mounted installation
  • Door lock pushbutton
  • Direct call to the switchboard
  • External SOS pushbutton option
Porter switchboard

1. Porter switchboard – First stoppage of guest

Digital Entrance panel

2. Digital Entrance panel – Lobby of a building Second stoppage of guest

Door Camera

3. Door Camera – Outside each apartment – Third stoppage

SOS & Sensors

4. SOS & Sensors – Prevention of loss after entry – Fourth level